Still sick.
Having lots of these things.


  1. ...your medicine looks so wonderful!! get well soon and enjoy it being sick! read and relax, don't think to many future/+ or past thoughts...
    have good time! send you many healthy hugs, julia

  2. oh looks tasty. green and yellows too!
    pineapple, what a little miracle on earth. some people say it makes.....taste better... can't be mentioned here perhaps.
    sometimes i find that when people i know in real life reads my blog, it is somewhat awkward. cause they read but i don;t know about it, and then there are all those little subtle emotions i feel and perhaps not share to everyone in my daily life. it somewhat feels too intimate inbetween. strange?

  3. Hmmm, interesting medicine...
    Dear Jasmin, most of my 'flesh and blood' friends don't visit me in blogland, which sometimes makes me sad, too. Or, maybe, they look in a hidden way?? Oh, which makes me even sad...
    But otherwise...this blogland makes me feeling home at new levels...feeling integrally. So I have both my 'flesh and blood' friends AND my blog friends.
    All the best, get well soon.
    Love, Ariane.

  4. Im thinking the pineapple and the chili will definitely nip it in the bud.

  5. get well! nice selection of healing foods. i trust all of those!

  6. Poor you...get better soon!
    Have I mentioned "Oil of Oregano" it's supposed to be the healer of all...try it!

  7. i love the pineapple shot! lovely pattern and colours.
    Hope you get well soon!

  8. yes you can't beat the patterns and colours in nature.
    and the chilli and pineapple just might have done the trick.
    also copious amounts of ginger tea and lots of sleep.
    and your kind words here.

    and the topic of blog friends vs real flesh and blood ones - interesting isn't it?

  9. I'm glad you're feeling better. Those fruits and vege are a great shot in the arm.


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