doll face

I spotted these girls from across the road today.
Instant fashion shoot.

(And I am feeling a lot better. Thank you all for the lovely comments.)


  1. So pleased you're feeling better.
    Love the Barbie shots...very 70's!

  2. makes me think of a song by hole. doll parts.

    they have so much make up, the barbies of these days. and talking about make up, i got my first RED lipstick from some friends. wow! i am usually the all natural lazy looking type. so it feels quite extreme. love to you.

  3. I am happy you feel much better.
    And what a great fashion shoot!!

  4. i still love Barbie. even if my 12 year old has stopped playing with hers (and mine too). There is always something retro and modern about her all at once. sexy but chaste. all-american but universal. fake but fun.
    And what a great poser!

    Sara - go with the red lipstick - it's made for blondes - unleash the barbie in you - while you can ;)

  5. No! Were they seriously just on the footpath?

    Seems like the work of a naughty big brother!

  6. cant beat barbie fashion and those amazing accessories. I have my daughters collection all packed away for another generation to play with.

  7. Dear Jasmin,
    I have done my sky pictures also - but have to wait for the light to take a picture of it. So...Lilli...lost in the woods...hm. Maybe you can be the hostess of this week? Your ozzie girls start, then Elisabeth and me will follow. What do you think about...Yes?
    x Ariane (00:33, I'll fell asleep now).
    PS crazy Barbies! My girls even play with Barbie Horse...

  8. Oh, I've just seen that Helen objectsofwhimsy is the hostess this week!
    See you later....x

  9. Dear Jasmin,
    I've posted my piece of drawing for sky-scenery - if you care to have a look?
    Looking forward for your drawing.
    x Ariane.

  10. yes - I found these Barbies on the footpath - exactly as you see them! :()


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