The drawing challenge is hosted by Helen this week.
I have cheated.
This is a digitally created patchwork of some of Gigi's drawings from when she was 2 years old.
Look at the use of colour, the squiggles and shapes.
The freedom and confidence!
I am slowly but surely scanning all of her art work into the computer. Chronologically. 12 years of it.
A labour of love.


  1. A patchwork of LOVE, freedom and confidence and much more: Gigi.
    Childrens' drawing are exciting. They're honest.
    Wonderful work.
    x Ariane.

  2. i'm all for cheating! you are wise to scan her work. it's on my list to do the same for my 3. there's nothing better than kid art. it would make a fine large art print as it is! i look forward to whisper - a challenge indeed!

  3. a labour of love, indeed, you courageoous one! but of course, it'll be ever so rewarding, once finished.
    cheated or not, the effect is there!

  4. Jaz
    that is a beautiful patchwork! I love the colour. I like the retrospective idea. Very lovely idea.
    Did you comment over at my blog? I think the others would love to see this.

  5. just saw your comment on my post. thanks Jasmin :)

  6. Amazing patchwork and a very clever idea!


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