Almonds, blueberries, nectarines, a tin plate from bali, a table restored by my late father, a rabbit made by my daughter, a pile of magazines, a leather handbag bought at a garage sale....
And a very exciting find - the rest of this japanese tea set found on the weekend at a country op shop.
I already had one piece of it - seen in this post.


  1. Great photos...love the ORANGE and breakfast looks yummy!
    Have a great week.

  2. A brandnew day...dear Jasmin.
    Your pics circle around my head. The complementary blue do at its best, making me feel a little bit dizzy...
    Whispering: Are you interested in stamps or in doily which I can send to you?
    x Ariane.

  3. Dear Jasmin,
    and I love to visit your place, because of all the light and sunshine!
    And yes, I knitted the patterns, which looks more difficult than it really is.

    (In the meantime I am thinking, dreaming and brooding about 'whisper'. All those images in my head....)

  4. pretty things. i always feel a conflict within myself regarding pretty things. i love to collect. to surround myself with the beauty i find. and then again, i want to be light. to not get tied up to my material treasures. to feel happy without them.
    oh well.
    they are so beautiful though, your treasures. that orange tea moment. the rabbit.
    sending you sun and love.

  5. Sara - i know what you mean - totally - us gypsies need to feel a lightness of being but also love the quirky and the beautiful - but i think that you can find a balance. i try to get rid of things too - daily streamlining - and only collect what i love. living in a tiny apartment helps. i think that you scandos do it pretty well though. and the japanese.

    Char, Ariane, Patrice - keep listening to what whispers to you....


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