still life

Hello. I am not sure who is hosting the drawing challenge this week, but here is my offering for "Still Life". 
I did it fast. I have a head cold in the middle of a Sydney heat wave.
I'm craving fruit, chili and chinese soup.


  1. sometimes the quick ones work really well I like the drawing snd I like the images that show the thought and process. I work a lot like this myself nice one!

  2. Dear Jasmin,
    I added your home still-life at my place and put a link to your jazzytwoshoes, because I'm the hostess this week. Next week Lilli will be the hostess with "sky-scenery" - if the power supply in Hedmark works...
    You've found a very good line. It seems to me that you don't have to search a long time, you can follow the line coming in your mind's eye. Delicious!
    And with a double click on your pics they grow, so I become eagle-eyes and could see your grandparents ;-)
    The figure in my picture is my grandfather coming from Denmark - Greenland.
    Follow your craving - and
    get well soon!

  3. Vibrant, alive, free and bold! I continue to love seeing your process unfold - from thought to idea, from hand to paper and beyond!
    Feel better - i have a pot of chili on the stove right now - i'm offering youa virtual bowl.
    and yes, computer probs...some of my comments got lost too. try again!

  4. Yes, it is still live...
    and you've found each still-life at my home...i love doily, too, dear Jasmin.
    Yes, it is a thermos. You mean this: http://www.okversand.com/product_info.php?products_id=325&language=en
    I'm sure you are able to find it in Sydney!
    xox Ariane.

  5. I like rapidity. And I like the material, that marker! I think you made the challenge great. A fast and perfect drawing! Hoping to see you again next Saturday, with a Sky scenery. Lovely theme.

  6. Hey Jazz
    hope you are feeling better just to let you know that my challenge pic is posted if you get time to have a look! I cant wait to see what everyone does for this weeks challenge.


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