summer holiday 3

This is the gorgeous Al, who I was on holidays with.
She is becoming somewhat of a guerilla knitter.
On our last night away she left her mark. 
On a bridge pole going into a place called Tea Gardens.
It filled me with joy to see it as we drove home. I hope that it stays up.
And that it makes a lot of people smile.

(I pondered leaving a post today - in light of the flood tragedy hitting Queenslanders - but decided that smiling could come in handy)


  1. It worked! It make me smile, great idea/work.
    We hear about the flood in Queensland every day, that is really hard, where does all this water come from? And it seems to go worse instead of better, that is terrible. Hope it will get better soon.

  2. i find it so inspiring, the guerilla knitters! what a great way to leave your trace behind.

    and the flooding yes. i am glad you are safe. the earth keeps showing that things are completely out of balance by now. from one extreme to the other. to be honest, it terrifies me.


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