This is Al again, my guerilla knitting friend from a couple of posts ago.
And this is an old tapestry found in an op shop finding new life in the bush.
(visit Elisabeth for more recycling stories....)


  1. when searching through my pictures i found some guerilla knitting from sweden, will show you at some point. nice that you are also joining the weekword!
    have a swell weekend dear.

  2. dear jasmin, i like your friend!
    and here comes my swap idea, i can offer you a professional big print, what do you think? do you want the "little me" painting with or without helicopters? i am so sorry and scared about all the water in your country, in brazil and here too, not that bad of course, but anyway, much to much.
    xo julia

  3. Dear Jasmin,
    let fly a parrot in the bush...what a wonderful kind of recycling!

  4. A perfect recycling action. I like guerilla knitting friends, and their friends. Would love to find a tree dressed up in parrots.

  5. I think that bird was just itching to get out into nature again. Love it. I always look at crafts like that in thrift stores and feel kind of sad for them. Someone went through all that trouble to make them and they lay there dejected. That is fantastic you gave it a new home.

  6. What a great idea for recycling and repurposing! A bird in the tree is worth two in the recycle bin!

  7. very cool parrot bag... Thanks for sharing & participating in Weekword!
    Have been looking around your blog... Lots of interesting ideas,,, face painting.is crazy funny!

  8. This was fun to do - I'm looking forward to the next weekword - where do I go to find out what it is....?

    And a VERY warm welcome to Junebug, Karen, Joye and Christine - I hope I will see you again soon.

  9. Guerilla knitting is entirely new to me and soooo cool! Thanks so much for playing Weekword with us this time and looking forward to seeing you next week-I'm the host so stop by when ya can :)


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