summer holiday 1

We have been away. 
Up the coast on a quintessential Australian beach holiday.
Swimming with dolphins and bike riding with koalas. 
A goanna on the sand and a shark fin in the water.
The loud ring of cicadas.
Barbeques, old book stores and op shop treasures.

(I'm back online and keen to take a trip around the cyberglobe and visit you all!)


  1. welcome back, summer girl!
    i guess that's what most scandinavians would pray for, christmas followed by summer vacation. i could need some more snow, still.. at least it is raining here. we need it.

    it looks beautiful, those summer moments. now i need to google 'goanna'.

  2. dear mermaid, i missed you!! and i'm happy that you had such a good time! now going to google goanna too!
    xox julia

  3. Yes, Sara has a point, and it's still hard to grasp having summer in the middle of winter. I'd give a lot for just one swim in the ocean, all summer past here last year without the river ever reaching a pleasant temperature.

    Missed you, and waited for you - very, very glad you are all back and safe.
    Love, love Lilli

  4. A shark fin sounds really dangerous! But what on Earth is a goanna?

    This weekend I've really enjoyed the winter, but I wouldn't mind at all to sink my toes into the sand, like in your picture! :)

  5. hello from the other side of the planet, where it's freesing ! :)
    warming post !

  6. hello everyone.
    so nice to see you all.

    I googled goannas myslef! Basically they are very big lizards. It is always quite strange to see them on the beach. Like sea dinosaurs.

  7. Great photos! Looks like the place to be. But a shark... oh!


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