paper doll

It was time for the xmas snowflakes to come down.
And also to take part in Elisabeth's drawing challenge.


  1. She has some spunk, that paper doll.

    I like how her left eye changes ... I think she's quite beguiling ... and the tea-cup saucer-yellow is gorgeous!

  2. Loving your colourful paper doll; she's an inspiration for creativity... good it finally stopped snowing :)

  3. Hello Jasmin I enjoyed browsing your blog, lots of interesting,funny and beautiful things here.
    Love your way of taking photos, lot of creativity going on, very lively. x Renilde

  4. These surprising facility of your paper doll...wonderful, Jasmin...love the blue flower that become green on wet yellow...she goes her own way - and she is in the bunch.

  5. this drawing challenge is fabulous. so many talented talents out here. beautiful! your colors are cheering me up again.

  6. Thanks for the comments.
    I am so excited about the drawing - such a nice way to connect.
    Anyone else want to join ......?

    Thank you and welcome Renilde.

  7. that looks so sunny with the yellow and white very pretty! just right for January.

  8. Jasmin Im such a wally! there I was thinking how gorgeous your paper doll was and wondering what she was going to look like as a 'conventional' paper doll you know cutout and standing up heehee! and then I realised noooooo! its that beautiful drawing (doll on paper) derrr Im such a thicket sometimes. By the way I still love the yellow your drawing style is really lovely.

  9. Lovely paper doll! I've had too much to do this week and did not see her before today. Tomorrow we are in for 'home', right? :)


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