summer holiday 2

A long walk. And at the end of it this pretty place.

And look at the front of this house with all the fishing things hanging in the gum trees.


  1. aaawww looks like you had an awesome holiday chik!

    Lovely lovely photos - love all the hanging fishing things, reminds me of northern nsw (where I'm from ) for some reason ..

  2. wow I love the bouys they look like strange fruit.

  3. hi jasmin!
    what a holiday!

    such beauty here!
    see you soon again

  4. Oh, I can barely stand to watch naked feet on warm sand... in the same time, it's hard to forget what's happening to Australia. Are you safe?

    That tree, those images; pure magic. Looks a bit scary, actually. I'd be VERY surprised to see anything like that around here. xox Lilli

  5. hello - nice to see you here again Ritva and Helen!

    Emma - I just left a message with you - I hope that you are ok?
    Mmmc - where do you live? I have been thinking of you too - but can't get onto your blog for some reason.
    Lilli - yes, we are very safe and far away from Queensland - I am hoping that Emma and Mmmc are ok. I have been glued to the television all day. Such terrible stories and unbelievable images.


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