a midsummer night's dream

"What angel wakes me from my flowery bed?" - Titania - Queen of the Fairies

An oil monoprint.
And are we really halfway through Summer?


  1. Yes. I can't believe we're half way through Summer, I guess being a bit soggy up here doesn't help but it seems to be flying by!

    That is a lovely lovely painting.

  2. this is a very very beautiful painting, dear jasmin!
    you can chose one of my paintings and i print it on good paper, 219x290mm. don't know how much that means in your inch size... that might be the best way for a "painting on paper" swap.
    guusje gave me that idea and my next step, after the swap with you an her, is to offer/sell prints on my blog. probably i have to open a shop for that, but still don' know how that works...
    and if you need more summer, come on over here in may!!:)) hugs, julia

  3. I'd say we were half way through winter, flower-friend! Love your painting - that goes without saying. I plan on giving you some well deserved thanks over at my place, but I want to wait till I have a bigger audience. xox Lovely new week to you!

  4. beautiful, the painting! do you feel autumn chills down your back? the air more crisp? colors changing?
    oh, i am not sure i know how the autumn feels like down under. but one thing is for sure, it is inevitable, sooner or later the seasons will change. love to you.

  5. Beautiful work the colour scheme is fab. Reminds me of the overcast humid summer we are experiencing.

  6. Thanks all for the kind words. It does help....

    Emma - glad to see you here and know that you are safe after the scare of the floods.
    Julia - it all sounds good... hopefully I'll be there soon with my shop too! I am going to sell small originals on paper.... I think we will just know when the time is right to swap with each other. Tell me if you see or have seen something that you like.
    Lilli - I look forward to it - lovely week to you too x.
    Sara - we still have plenty of warm weather left - way into autumn actually - i just always feel that it goes too fast. much love to you too.
    Helen - i hope that you aren't near any floods either ...


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