images from the weekend

We had a garage sale at a friend's house. In the heat.
I didn't sell much. But I did get rid of all of my junk.
And we all swapped clothes like teenagers.
It's a great feeling. To sort through piles, declutter and simplify.
Artwork here by my friend. I LOVE the large owl made out of pencil shavings. 
Very clever.


  1. oh those lovely pictures... can't get enough of your summer.
    love the owl too!
    the drawing group sounds great, but where can i find it??
    hope you are fine and happy dear mermaid, don't forget our swap idea. much love and hugs, julia

  2. Dear Jasmin,
    yes, the large owl is gorgeous! The multicolour pencil shavings...it's receycling, too. And I marvel at work with interstice and space: look at the beak!
    Thank you for your lovely comment. Next theme is HOME. Sign in at Stephanie's http://miladyproductions.blogspot.com/
    Love, Ariane.

  3. garage sale! i am dying to do some pre-spring clean out. clothes swapping is great. i love to see people wearing my clothes later, and all my favorite items used to be someone else's. a nice little reminder each time you wear them.
    and the owl from pencil shavings!! !!


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