These images have been hand printed onto the very old pages of a favorite collection of poems that my father introduced me to when I was young.
Archy and Mehitabel - the tale of a long lasting friendship between a romantic writerly cockroach and a lady of the night cat. Archy is the cockroach who uses an old typewriter to write his poems to Mehitabel. Set in New York City from the 20's to the 1940's (roughly), for me they conjure up a time and a place that I would have loved to have been part of..... even as a black alley cat.

Please hotfoot it over to these cool cats: StephanieAriane, Rachel, Maria, Nadine, HannahElisabeth, Justahumblebee and Julia for more tales of tails. xxx


  1. okay, i haven't put in my lenses, so i'm using these shambling early morning glasses, and at first view, i encounter the memory of jeans! i look a little closer. i discover the cat... in my favourite night blue...
    thxs for introducing me to archy and mehitabel, whom i do not know, but would have liked very much if i did when a child. there's no time like the present though! i must read.
    hooray for inserting words to your etch!
    and didn't everybody derive a tale from the tail?
    this was some choice, jasmin! loved it.

  2. A lovely tale/tail, purring Jasmin! This prints are so very beautiful: the blue, elegant cat of the night with the questionable character, with tail of course, and the letters...Mehitabel sings a song...isn't it marvellous?!
    Love. Ariane.

  3. There is another cool cat: Stephanie from Milady Production with a 'fairy tail' at her farm.
    x Ariane.

  4. oh those cats!!! i love animals as musicians...
    big mermaid-hug, julia

  5. thought i left a comment on your red the other day. lately it happens alot to me. perhaps i am confused?
    very nice cat! singing us a lullaby.

  6. I'm late, but I'm here. Looking forward to being inspired by you all. Starting with your blue ones. I want to try this too! Paint on old texts. It's fabulous. Thank you for hosting and thank you for those blue ones :)

  7. oh i LOVE it! it's really beautiful work Jasmin, i so love the use of old books and the way this came together with the poems!wow!

  8. hi jasmin,
    thanks for your comments- sorry i haven´t answered earlier, been running around.
    today is my first day for a long time, that i don´t have to go or do anything :)
    yes, it was great to have patrice at my home, she has a fine sense of humor and i was sorry that she had to go- it would have been interesting to continue our conversations- hope to have her back some sunny day. she is a sweet soul.

    ps. beautiful blue- well done!

  9. Thanks for your visits and comments everybody.
    There is something very interesting about printing on old text. The paper is very fine. You are aware of the words and they dictate what the subject matter is and how you compose the page. Satisfying too to recycle.

    I still need to visit a few more tails ....

    Oh Ritva, I am still excited by the thought of you both together. So glad that it went well.

  10. How nostalgic-the poems your father introduced and the sweet story. I love how the cat's tail seems to echo the moon :) Thank you for hosting!


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