From the bush to the city. 
Melbourne. Always nice to visit her.
As we try to map out our lives this week.
Follow our dreams.
In all sorts of directions.
(For other 'maps' please visit the well traveled Rachel)


  1. love the rosso, red, rouge tinge...you have such a beautiful eye jaz...does gigi take some of the pics?

  2. i missed melbourne when i was down under. too bad, since i have a feeling i would love it.
    looks so yummy, the food you had on the bush adventure. has autumn started yet? did you see the australian ballet?
    im busy with the life map aswell.
    love to you

  3. i am actually falling in love with the mapping on the table cloth (?) of image #1!

  4. that´s also my kind of visit- the one that follows one´s dreams! and in all sorts of directions! please, let me join you ;)

  5. Darling Cathy! hello!!! it is so nice to see you here. No, gigi does not take any of the pics - but I might get her to do a 'guest post'.

    Sara - you would DEFINITELY love Melbourne. And yes, visited the ballet ....

    Nadine, Citlalli - that is actually the surface of the table - a table design very popular in Australia in the 1960's. (i think)

    Ritva - jump on board - I'll follow your map!

  6. gorgeous jazzy...yes, love all your adventures! i've bookmarked your blog now (i lost you for a little while)...so i'll be checkin' in more often...you've created such a marvelous world to wander around...

    ps. you probably know, but for nadine & citalli, the table surface is called laminex (though i think that's the company name now). laminex and linoleum designs were so way out in the 60's. true retro. xx

  7. Cathy.... I'm heading up your way late June.... hopefully I can se you then... xxxx

  8. would LOVE to see you...i hope you can visit? i'd love to cook a meal for you...let me know your plans when you do. xxxxxxxxx its a perfect day here today xx


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