This week the drawing challenge is hosted by the reflective Ariane.......
Narcissus, from Greek mythology, fell in love with his own reflection in a river.
I think that there is a little narcissism in us all. No?
(i will be going bush for a few days. to find some rivers. see you soon. xx) 


  1. I´m in love with Your art. That is a good eye You have.

    I too have a Narcissus post: http://hanna-happenings.blogspot.com/2010/11/i-dammen-in-pond.html
    and Yes change is Good!
    Now go float on that River. See You :)

  2. Yes, Jasmin, I thinks so. But its better to have loving people for reflection instead of water...
    You nailed it with your fabulous drawing!...

    And I love your early (or late?) mirror-photo.
    So, I hope youre not alone going bush.
    xx Ariane.

  3. love the darkness
    the mystery....

    and have fun!

  4. oh enjoy the bush! sounds great!
    and i agree with you, we are all more or less narcisstic (don't seem to exist as a word?) i keep thinking that about the dance world very very often.

  5. nice reflection, I think I need to go find some rivers too!
    awesome drawing as walways! love the heavy lines and the mirror effect!

  6. Jasmin, I have one thing to say...
    I love your style!

  7. Yes, I believe you're right. And I also believe we all might even need a little piece of narcissism. "Lagom" as we say in Swedish. At least enough to make us like ourselves and find us good enough. Or maybe narcissism as we come to think of it won't be needed if we all give credit and love to each other. See each other. Like out here, in the blogosphere. Like being the mirrors of each other, as Ariane pointed out...

    How nice to see your self-portrait! :)

  8. yes i think so! looking out to look in. it's natural! yummy black ink stamp - oH! i just saw the face :)
    have fun in the bush and laugh with a kookaburra for me pleaaaaaase!

  9. i will come back here... so tired, eyelids shutting...

  10. you are ALL so LOVELY. I will wake tomorrow and start my day by visiting you all....

    Stephanie, the kookaburras kept stealing our food off the hot bbq.
    Elisabeth, a new Swedish word, i love it, and the blog-love too.
    THANK YOU Rachel, Citlalli, Patrice and Hannah.
    Also to you Ariane for hosting and for keeping the wheels of our blogging community well-oiled with your reflective love.
    Sara - yes, the dance world is full of narcissists and nymphs. That's what i love about it. Where else do you get paid to look at yourself in the mirror so much?

  11. i see the bush has become you. the bush sounds wild, for a small town / small country girl like me...
    about narcissus, how much time have you got? i am contented though, with the butterfly painting you posted.
    we do reflect, upon so many surfaces.


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