Time in the bush. Time by the sea.
We have come back exhausted.
Fresh, clean sheets await. After a long hot shower.
Speak soon...


  1. oh your time in the bush looks so so so wonderful! the beach. sigh.
    sleep well little mermaid, staying in a tent was not that easy i guess...
    hugs, julia

  2. Jasmin,
    from tree-sheets to fresh bed-sheets...sleep well, dear....ssshhh... I'll come later again. Wonderful pics.
    x Ariane.

  3. mmmmm. marvelous.
    did you sleep under the bare sky? or in a tent?
    looks amazing anyhow. rest well, land softly.
    xxx. p.s happy you are back!

  4. we slept in a tent amongst the trees with the roar of the sea in our ears.

  5. Oh how I love this place! Is my knitting still visible at the top of the stairs leading down to the beach? X

  6. Oh Hawkins. You are a spunky piece of work. You really are. I didn't know to look for your knitting. We saw a crucifix nailed to a tree. Is it near there? We should visit there together soon. Such a special place isn't it? love jazz X


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