Still pretending that the Melbourne I could see from the hotel window was Paris, I wished upon this moon that rose at sunset. 
And when I woke up these hot air balloons drifted by. 
Like big peaceful hearts in the sky.
I hope my wish comes true.


  1. my mermaid, i have to hug you for the big peaceful hearts in the sky!
    i hope that your dream comes true!!! xxxxxxx julia

  2. if you come to Paris
    I'll come too!
    been there several times
    but in an other life
    the one before the kids

    are you planning a trip to Europe?
    or just dreaming of one
    like I do
    .... .....

    happy weekend, dear friend

  3. Love the 2nd image the best, so dreamy :)

  4. i so want to sail through the air to europe.... and visit you all.... i will be in brissie in late June emma.......those cookies were looking good... and there was a cake that you made a while ago..... :)

    happy dreamy weekends to you all x


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