I am already missing you Summer.

(Every morning I wake up to the sweetest comments from different parts of the world. It is such a lovely, soft way to start the day... thank you so much to those that come by and leave me your thoughts)


  1. mmmm....
    the end of summer
    the beautiful colours

    lovely post, dear Jasmin
    love the atmosphere and colours of your images
    I have to come
    to see your sea....

    I put the stones I once found at the coast of Denmark on the windowsill

  2. yes, the sea here is beautiful, and so much of it!
    and lovely to get your email Patrice! and to hear all about Ritva. xx

  3. jasmin,
    for some strange reason, you are not receiving my comments...or are you? they seem to be sent on my end, then never show up on your posts. it's happened at least the past 3 times i've commented.
    anyhoo, i am always checking in and loving what i see, i just want you to know that! the land around you has such a special and unique beauty. ( like you) thank you for sharing it with us.


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