this morning


  1. Fab photos ... I wonder where you are?

    And whether one or both of those little ladies are yours? The first photo has a real 70s feel about it.

    It's quite hot in Brisbane ... even my four-year-old was daydreaming out loud about a holiday at the beach!

  2. Clearly you live near the beach you lucky duck. Lovely photos as always.

    I miss Lilli don't you? ♥

  3. Oh the light, and the obvious heat in these pictures! It's something so completely different to the days we're having right now.

    I've always wondered - what is it like to celebrate Christmas in the middle of the summer?? :D

  4. Wow, Jasmin, you are sending pictures from another world while I'm drinking a very hot tea to be warm...cool sunglasses (under a gum tree?).

  5. Hi mmmc. I spend a third of my time at Newport Beach in Sydney, as in these pics, at my boyfriend's house. The lovely twins are his daughters. And the other two thirds are spent at my place in Bondi, so yes emma, a very lucky duck coastal-wise. I actually lived in brissie for a bit, 13 years ago and spent most weekends at noosa or byron. and i do miss lilli flower - a lot - but she told us not to.......
    ansku and ariane - I am really loving all the photos I am seeing from your side of the world - like different planets. x

  6. I love this mix of Nordic and Sydney. Thank you Jasmin for explaining the girls ... sometimes I think I am just confused!

    Really miss Miss Lilli, too. Even my husband misses her and he doesn't blog! Strange that someone in a tiny Noregwian town could have such an effect on others and not really realise.


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