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Hello. In yesterday's comments i was asked what it's like to have Xmas in summer.
As much as I would love to experience a few white snowy ones in my lifetime, Xmas to me means hot weather. It means sand and mangoes and pretty dresses and summer holidays.
And I have always found it strange and rather silly that in Australia we decorate with pine trees and snowflakes and santa sweats it out in a big red suit. We still eat stuffed turkey and ham and pudding with hot brandy sauce. Strange but still nice and the leftovers are great for picnics at the beach!


  1. If that's your house, I'm absolutely jealous. Full stop. Throw a ham at you!

  2. Well, it's my boyfriend's place - a harry seidler original. i just love it.
    Here's something funny - look back at one of your old posts - about frankie magazine - recognize the studio in one of the pictures? that is in the back yard here! and in 2 of my recent photos.
    get throwing - there's nothing like ham, rocket and mustard on fresh rye.

  3. what a wonderful place!
    one more word to the CAN-post: it is really very special, that we are in the in the same mood again and again, no matter where we are, or how different our daily living might be... same thoughts!
    that feels good! xo j.

  4. oh here we go, again. a bit late perhaps but still.
    so FIKA: one of my favorite things in the world. and a great question you asked. fika is the verb, the action of eating something very yummy and drinking something with it. coffee or tea, lemonade, hot chocolate. you would go fika with your friends. instead of having a coffee and often also as a date, rather than having a drink with someone. you do fika at home aswell. at work. fika rast means fika break. fika could be savory but it is mainly about the sweets. and in sweden it is more affordable and easy to find, a nice bakery-coffeeshop or 'fik'. with cinnamon buns, princess tart, vacuum cleaners etc etc.
    fikabröd is fikabread, like you might say you need to buy some fikabröd for home. usually refering to something sweet to go with the coffee or whatever you choose to drink. in sweden they drink tons of brewed coffee, very strong with no milk and no sugar usually.

    does this answer your question?
    i would invite you for a fika lesson if i could!

  5. Oh Sara THANK YOU. I love it. And it means a lot to get such a scrumptious and lengthy description. The word FIKA has become such an emotionally comforting word for us "who would like some fika?" "come home it's fika time" "i feel like a little fika" So I am glad that it does have a big meaning somewhere else. xxx

  6. great 'summer' photos now all we need is the summer! I have this weird thing about summer pudding I only ever crave and then make it at christmas. Dont ask me why I never think about it till December its like a light switch going on in my head. For the other 11 months its like it never existed and then December comes along and tadada!!!! summer pudding must have summer pudding! must have summer pudding (mantra in my head)


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