tea for two

Is it really xmas in four days time?


  1. i guess so. unless time will twist around. reverse itself backwards into fall again. in your case spring. how do you celebrate?
    i took a very similar picture yesterday, of my tea bubble or how you call those thingies. will show it!

  2. a very nice tea bag!Still have to do too much!

  3. No, now only 2 days left. (In Germany we celebrate on the 24th in the evening.) EEEEKK.
    I LOVE LOVE your tea bubble, its just great.
    Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas with lots of sun, bbq and presents!
    xx Barbara

  4. I have one of those! I got mine from Art of Tea in Tassie ..

    Christmas is now tomorrow - and I have some cooking and things to do, have a lovely Christmas Jasmin, and your family.

  5. A lovely and merry time to you all too, and may we all keep up with each others lives next year.


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