If you feel like seeing some beautiful paintings visit Julia
She lives far away but we share the same moon.


  1. Hi Jasmin! Thank you for showing up at my blog :) I'm glad I found your lovely place here. Great pictures. And great weather. I can't believe I keep on living my life in this snowy country. When all I want is summer. I am always freezing. Always waiting for those few summer months. I should be eating leftovers at the beach for Christmas. I should be warm like you.

    I'll definitely return here to see all of your pictures and read about a different kind of climate.

  2. Dear Jasmin,
    yes, you seems to be a in-depth woman...with passion.

  3. oh what a lovely mermaid, fortune telling, sigh!!!
    i guess i need one too.
    so she gave you passion, how wonderful, thats what you need to make your wishes/plans come true!!
    thank you so much for the link to my blog.
    my moon-mermaid....
    xo julia

  4. Elisabeth - hello and welcome to you too. I feel the cold so much so I am glad that I live here. But I would love the experience of a snowy winter right outside my door.

    Ariane - takes one to know one ;)

    Julia - Sie sind herzlich willkommen.


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