Sometimes I lament that I am not fluent in another language other than English, like so many of you out there. But you know, growing up in Australia, you actually are. What about this…

 G’day. How’s it hangin’? Stone the flamin’ crows you could blow me down with a feather I’m so tickled pink at all of your grouse comments at my shack. It’s a real cryin’ shame that you bonza sheilas don’t live less than a stones throw away from me and my digs. Fair dinkum, I’m not pullin’ your leg. You should come for a cuppa or some tucker like a sanga or a barbie or a cold one and a good old chin wag. Bring your cozzies. Im not one for pullin’ me own pud but I could go on wrappin’ my laughin’ gear round all this. Fair dinks. I love your guts and that’s not comin’ the raw prawn. tooroo.

 Like another language right?


Hi. How are you? Your great comments left here make me happy.It is a terrible shame that you wonderful women don’t live nearby. That’s the truth. You should come for a cup of tea or some food,. A sandwich or a bbq or a beer and we could have some conversation. Bring your swimming costume. I don’t like to brag but I could talk like this for a long time. Trust me. You’re great. Trust me. Bye Bye.


  1. It's amazing,i didn't know what the first part meant! Hm,these pictures make that I'm hungry right now :)

  2. Gosh, I'm glad you translate it. Thats the problem with other languages if you're not good enough in it. And I know exactly how you feel. There so many interesting, nice and wonderful people out there in blogland, why don't we find them in our neighborhood?
    So lets have some virtual tea and bbq together. I would love to visit you!
    Bis dann! Machs gut. (Till then! Take care.)

  3. Hahahaha, Jasmin,
    yes, it's amazing. I can hear u rapping the text like music, yo.

  4. ...i really would love to come over!
    xox julia

  5. hilarious!
    no wonder i felt lost at times when i was down there...

    :) i am happy to smile

  6. ta - you're a great bunch o' sheilas.


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