images from the weekend

I think that I much prefer the week between xmas and new year.


  1. Dear Jasmin,
    lovely atmosphere while girls cutting stars. And I like the shining Christmas-lamp with lucent globes...is it a Saarinen tulip table?
    And, well, I do prefer the time between Christmas and New Year, too.
    Hearty, Ariane.

  2. Hi Ariane!
    No, the table is not the iconic Saarinen BUT it does have a nice story. An old found original Eames base. The top has been made by a local Bondi furniture designer. The red enamel dish has been fitted into the centre.
    Big hearts to you too.

  3. Oh, such a pretty place. I love it! And those beautiful young ladies.

    Don't invite me over to your house. Ever. That table would have to leave in my handbag. And I'd be scaping some of the breakfast leftovers in as well.

  4. i love it too!
    especially when i am in sweden. enjoy your days and a happy new year, soon.

  5. Sharing a meal, whispering secrets, paper cut snow crystals and a 'wolf' to arrange it all. WHat more could one possibly wish for...


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