If you ask a room full of young children "Who in here is an artist?" - they will all put their hands up.
As they get older, fewer hands will go up.
When asking a room full of adults, maybe one person will put their hand up.

My daughter created a beautiful little book.
These are some of its pages.

Have you heard of the 1000 Journal Project?


  1. Gigi and Jasmine, you are truly stars, you are truly artists both and you will always be just enough...Always xxx

  2. wauw....
    doesn't she want to join the drawing challenge?
    Ariane is hosting this week
    I keep looking at the first three
    never quite enough


    P.S. missed you at the drawing challenge
    you're ok?

  3. your daughter is an artist, these pages are witty and beautiful, x

  4. Dear Jazz,
    I'm really astonished about your daughters artwork. Its such mature! 'Your thoughts are your's and my thought are mine' how wise! Great images!
    May I invite you and Gigi (?!) to the next week’s drawing/art challenge?
    The theme is: ‘Development’…


  5. Dear Renilde and Ariane
    Oh, she will LOVE seeing these comments I am sure.
    I will ask her if she wants to join the Drawing.. but you never know....

    Patrice, I am fine, just busy in my head, and trying to have full, long sleeps. I will be back in for this week though.

    BiLLY - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Wow. Such a wise and expressive girl. I can't get over how mature her work is. Nicely done.

  7. hello Jasmin!
    Your daughter, thanks to her mother, has retained her artist! What a divine smart and beautiful girl you have.
    xo milady


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