Elk? Antelope? Moose??
What are these fabulous antlered beasts?
I love them.
Enough to rip the biggest poster of them down off this wall.

Please don't forget to comment on yesterday's GIVEAWAY.
I'll leave it going for a week.
It is very easy to comment even if you don't have your own blog.
Good luck x


  1. I did
    I already did!!
    I would love to win that scarf!!!

    hello dear Jasmin
    so nice to see you blogging more often
    I like it that each one of us
    has it's special way of taking pictures
    I like your soft colors
    aren't they red deer?


  2. Jazz, I forgot:
    I would rip the poster of the pretty animals down off this wall, too... so beautiful!

    x Ariane.

  3. yes, reindeers! they are beautiful, we used to see them walking in a big horde next to the road when we drove to the mountains to ski when i was a child.
    oh what a long sentence i made!
    enjoy your weekend

  4. dear mermaid, i would steal them too! i have some deer-guys singing in the forest behind our house all night long, it sounds so lonely but the deer-ladies like it...♥ julia

  5. oh I knew my European friends would know what they are.
    love to you all.
    horns and all.

  6. Synchronicity in Sydney City.... I had the very same thought today as I passed this poster...I must rip it down and paste it on my wall.!

    Thank you to all who have commented on BiLLY's blog!

    Delightful to meet you and to take a peek into your world...
    * Ritva
    * Ariane
    * Patrice
    * Words have Wings


  7. Al - I don't know what to do with it - it's HUGE....


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