Thank you Nadine for choosing this theme for the drawing challenge this week.
Alice Alice Alice.
She has always been dear to my heart.
A girl lost in a confusing Wonderland.
Forever chasing rabbits down holes.
One of my favourite Australian artists (who I chanced upon here) is Charles Blackman.
He has painted dear Alice for most of his life. Examples are above.
And hard to beat in my book.

I like to paint her too.
Perhaps it’s the teapots and cups and the roses and hearts.
Below I have drawn with oil pastel on an old photograph of my daughter.
Sweet dreams.
I’m off to chase rabbits.


  1. your painting made me speechless
    all those colors
    her beautiful face shining through
    the dress
    you should paint more dear Jasmin
    it is lovely!


  2. Nice drawing !!

    Thank you for your kind message.
    Have a nice day !

  3. Hi, hello dear Jazzy Jasmin,
    that Alice of Mr Charles Blackman reminds me on the twins of your partner... Fabulous.
    And little Alice/Gigi with flowers, looking curious, widen the scope, beyond the call of duty, full of colours!
    See you at five o'clock tea?

  4. Your Alice, super Jasmin, oil pastel on photo, very magical result, love all the colour.
    That sweet face of your daughter, her eyes, this is alice, great!!!xx

  5. mermaid, i like mr. blackmans work too, but i love your alice!
    hugs, julia

  6. Thank you all - I am yet to have a cup of tea at your places - but will get there soon - its just that i'm late, for a very important date....


    Yes Patrice, I should paint more.

    Yumiko - you left me so many message :)))) and I got them all at once. so funny. And nice too.

    Ariane - i have missed you. And will be there by 5.

    Renilde - keep some tea out for me and thank you.

    Julia - mermaid kisses to you my dear.

  7. gorgeous versions
    i think i need to re-read it. it has been too long. chasing rabbits sounds good!

  8. your alice-daughter is so beautiful - and a little bit magical and mysterious. I like your drawing very much.
    too bad I couldn't take part in the challenge. perhaps next time..

  9. i am in awe at someone painting alice over and again. very alice.... ;)))

    your stained glass like impression is touching.

  10. these are so beautiful! thank you for sharing!


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