Hurry up Ms Summer.
I know that she's your best friend, but can't you tell Miss Spring to move aside.
She is way too flirtatious.
She is teasing us all by lifting her skirts.
But it is making Madame Winter jealously cling on.
Hurry up Ms Summer.

And don't forget the little giveaway from a few posts ago... ;)


  1. are these your words jasmin?
    enjoy your to be summer days.
    we are getting ready for the winter. well, here it will stay take a while,
    but since i am going for a tour in switzerland i know i can count on some crisp autumn days to begin with.

  2. I know, where is she !!!!!
    Thanks for your comment, loved "Love My Way" so much as did my daughter,
    what a great cast.
    Have a great week XXX

  3. Yes Sara, they are... bon voyage, i look forward to your swiss pics.

    Mandy, so nice to see you here.
    I loved it so much too.

  4. lovely words, stunning pics!!


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