ease on down the road

Three posts ago I said that Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City reminded me a lot of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz (11 posts ago) and her New Yorkian search for something bigger than her.
Today I remembered this fabulous film clip from The Wiz where a joyous skinny legged Diana Ross dances down the yellow brick road towards five Chrysler buildings with a young (black and brilliant) Michael Jackson as the Scarecrow.
Please take a look. Great song. Great lyrics.
I love how most of it is a long shot and also the back view of them.

There's no place like New York ;)


  1. wow! Fantastic!! 1978?! Michael Jackson... Diana Ross!
    Thank you...
    will see the whole movie.

  2. Ease on down the Road...our mantra for the day!


  3. Ariane! thanks for your patience with me. I will be easing on down that yellow brick road to your place soon.

    Butchart Gardens.... so nice to catch up the other night :)


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