time 9

Following on from the last post, this is me when I was 18.
Not too scary for the 80's.
And if you look closely you might see my wings.
Though, at the time, I don't think that I knew I had them...


  1. jazzy...wow!! i remember we met for the first time some time around then...the kooky murder film we made, remember??

    the second pic is more familiar to me, for some reason...the far away look in your eyes, the gently poised hands. i certainly remember seeing your wings back then – but nobody had told me what they were, so i didn't know what to call them...

  2. hey pretty girl
    nowadays more a woman. i love to see how people looked like. and look like. in general i find that people get more beautiful with age.
    and that even when they were already stunning!

  3. Dear Jasmin,
    looking at the first pic of you and at the drawing of you 'about me' beside there is a big similarity.
    I think today you are a much happier woman today than as a teeny? At least its for me this case...

    Whats about your 'Monkey' and what about your new theme for next weekend?

    xo Ariane.

  4. Cathy, hello!! That is so funny. I haven't thought about that film for a long time. I wish we still had a copy of it. Were we 17? 18? I just remember laughing so much, all night. And we still know each other! Our worlds keep crossing paths don't they?

    Thank you to Sara.... the prettiest woman ;)

    Ariane - there is a similarity in the faces, you're right.
    And you're also right about being happier about yourself once you are past your teens - but what a waste of those wings!!

  5. not one bit scary, just all beautiful.


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