Elisabeth's choice of word for this week's drawing challenge, monkey, has reminded me of just how much i love films about apes. Particularly when they are wreaking havoc on New York City.

And this here, the final scene in the original Planet Of The Apes, even 43 years on, 
remains as a brilliant example of cinematic iconography. I watched it several times today.
Chilling, simple, poignant.

I will be hosting this weekend's drawing. 
hmmmm .... what about ...... WINDOW .....


  1. thank you so much, jasmin, for your concern. yes, son and emotions rested. i'm always amazed at how tragedy also grows into an item, pretty soon... we were lucky.
    and oh yes, moonstruck... i have to admit i watch it regularly... when i'm feeling romantic, e.g., or lonely. it's just such a feel good movie. you're too right to educate daughter sweet about those movies too. ;)

    now. monkey, hey? planet of the apes does ring a loud bell indeed and i think i join you in drama on big cities... whether it'd be apes, or weather changes, or a godzilla style element... (and joke about how the statue of liberty will 'survive' this time around....)

    but the monkey you drew is rather sweet! he could never do any harm! is it you hiding a little? ;)))

    cheers for a window! refreshing, no less.

  2. oh what a lovely monkey face, so sad an wise! i always have to cry when i watch king kong... count me in for window my twin! xox, julia

  3. Interesting how different monkeys we all made this week. Some scary and some not. I'm curious of that monkey of yours, what is he up to..?

    Window sounds great. You can count on me! :)

  4. Hello Dear Jasmin!!!
    i too have always had a heart for the monkey...
    i remember being haunted by the original planet of the apes. you remind me i need to see it again.
    i like the sounds of window - my life is on bubbling hot right now so i may not make it!
    i enjoyed the last few posts, getting caught up is fun - like a big steaming cup of Jasmin Tea. :)x

  5. What about MonkeyMagic! Classic 80's Japanese Television.

    I LOVED Monkey and his Magic Cloud

  6. oh yeah Monkey Magic! I remember that from watching after school.

    I also remember the original Planet of the Apes and the first time I saw the final scene when he sees the statue of liberty and realises ... I agree such a haunting, iconic image.

    Lovely, elegant work too.

    (thanks for pinning me darling! - I am awaiting my pinterest registration, I've heard it takes ages)

  7. hi jasmin, I love your monkey and the stories behind him. great pictures of the ape-planet!
    I'm in with WINDOW!

  8. Dear Jasmin,
    do you know the new movie 'Planet of the Apes - Prevolution'? Here is the trailer... in German: http://www.filmstarts.de/kritiken/181716/trailer/19229816.html

    I just admire your drawing. You really find the line of your dressed King Kong with the (naked) woman. Great!

    I'll try 'Window', so please count me in.

    xo Ariane.

  9. Dear Nadine, it is good to know all is well. Glad to hear that you have been running with the moonstruck wolves. And we share another coincidence with our word choices!

    Julia, I cry too, like you, of course.

    Elisabeth, that monkey has found the love of his life and he is going to climb the Empire State building and shout it to the moon.

    Stephanie! So nice to see you again. Please come by for a cuppa anytime :)

    Ali Pally, I miss you. When shall we meet up and dance like monkeys again?

    Emma, it shouldn't take too long ;)

    Mano, welcome! can't wait to fly through your window.

    Ariane, I had seen the trailer, but I love it in German!
    Die Revolution Beginnt!

  10. Hi Jasmin,
    Thanks for your kind message !
    So inspiring here ! Nice monkey.


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