A lovely afternoon.
And some nice windows around Sydney to peer into.
Interesting design to be found inside.
For some more window shopping please visit the lovely:
Ariane, Nadine, Julia, Elisabeth, Mano and perhaps Stephanie.

Can you see me in the last picture? Looking out of one window into another.
With a big juicy red heart surrounding me.

I just added some links for the above:
That glorious moon and vintage eye charts from David Met Nicole.
Whimsical art by Swedish artist Anneli Olander.
Deus a clothes shop, surf shop, restaurant, bike workshop and total altar to all things hornily masculine.


  1. well helló, jasmin! yes, i thought i saw someone looking out and perhaps in, and there you have it : it is you! hi hi!
    how i would love to walk those streets alongside, and perhaps you could tell me what all i'm seeing... that would be fun.
    by deus, of course, you don't mean the belgian pop group, or do you?

  2. Beautiful photos...especially that first one- is That the moon in the reflection?? Sydney has some sweet looking shops :)

  3. Oh yes, I see you. I'm very curious of the art which show up in glimpses. And I love those colours. I bet my hometown would look great through a window and your camera lens!

  4. Looking through and into your windows,
    dear Jazz,
    there is much to discover... Art, heart, God (lat. deus) and you! Its amazing... how many levels!
    I love window shopping with my cellphone too.


  5. like nadine said, dear mermaid, i would love to walk there too, right into the summer, together with you and nadine and and and and...
    ♥♥♥♥ julia

  6. hello jasmin,
    you show me a lively insight into windows of sidney. great! I love them all, especially the one with the flying monster!
    have a good week, xx mano

  7. i see you!
    lovely collection. i could have joined you i just thought!
    hope you are well these days...♥

  8. Jasmin! I was looking at another blog and saw your name in the comment field (your full name so I knew it was you). Clicked and it led here. Then I spent so much time browsing all the beautiful images that I felt if I didn't say hello it was like spying on your beautiful life. Some memories for me here too. Gigi is gorgeous - like her mum. Loving your photography and artwork. Love to you - Tracy (a voice from perhaps somewhere around 'Time 3'). x

  9. Nadine - it looks like we will be walking with Julia and Sara too.
    What fun that would be...
    Kristen - yes it is the moon. It is an old 'moon atlas' from a university. I haven't been able to forget it. Too expensive for me to buy, but i am longing for that moon!
    Ariane, Elisabeth and Mano - I think I need to add links to these shops/art works... and also visit through your windows too.

    I knew it was you just from the spelling of your name. And then I flew over to your blog/s and spent some time there getting to know an older and beautifully wiser Tracy. I'm so glad that you found me!
    But you know, I recently found you too on Daily Imprint's 'Frontliners'. And saw little Harvey and Wayne and your gorgeous face.
    How is Thea? My mother and I think of you every 12th June. Funny huh? Where do you live?
    You write so beautifully. A side of you that I never knew. How long has it been? Decades. We met when we were 8.
    Your comment here has brought so many memories flooding in.
    Thank you so much. A true delight!
    Much love to you too xx

  10. it is uncanny serendipity, isn't it, jasmin?
    i like that very much. maybe our time zones agree totally, with one another?

    or, let's just suppose it's us who do it, yeah?


    ps - you may perhaps not be willing to offer us your e-mail address, i understand, so i've had to respond here. hope you don't mind!

  11. Were we 8? I thought even younger. I think the last time I saw you was on Gould St with your Mum when Gigi was a baby/toddler- I ran into you outside Earth Food Store, or maybe the bookshop? I found you on FB so will send a friend request so we can continue the conversation without boring your followers. We might need lots of hours and some alcohol, fellow nostalgic, melancholic only child. x

  12. Hey Jazzy,

    BiLLY loves your blog and is following! Al has some gorgeous window shots too....They are already on Instagram but perhaps there is a chance to share them on your blog?

    We hope to see you in the snow...? Are you coming

    Love BiLLY (aka Al blogging for Mel....its complicated!)

    We would love some blog feedback from the talented jazzytwoshoes xx

  13. hi jasmin!
    what a lovely post
    all those windows
    and that what is behind them

    happy weekend!

    P.S. my weblog is not working....

  14. BILLY (and Al and Mel too) can we meet up next week?
    pleasey please.
    tea for three.

    I still can't figure out how to follow your Instagram on my phone. You'll have to show me. Your photos are getting better and better. So good.
    I've 'pinned' a couple on my Pinterest site Al, I need to do more. xx

    Tracy, a few gins and a nostalgic, melancholic look back is just what I need! I'm guesing you're in Manly......

  15. And a big HELLO to PATRICE.
    How was your holiday?
    I have been trying to log on at your place for a few days now .... xx

  16. i love this series of window pictures, they're so cool :)


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