and what a sexy one.
Here captured in all it's iconic-ness in the opening credits of Sex And The City.
Which itself, became a nostalgic ode to the city that never sleeps.
I love New York City.
I have only been there once but I know that I should have been brought up there.
For many reasons.
I took these pictures of the tv screen the other night.
I've started doing that ........ 
13 years since it was first aired and the show still fares pretty well.
Though I thought that the films were shithouse.
A few blog posts ago I took photos of The Wizard of Oz
Doesn't Carrie here remind you of Dorothy? On her way to the Emerald City .....
Please visit the remarkable Rachel who lives in L.A. - though she visits many cities...


  1. a happy post!
    and yes
    she does look like Dorothy

    I loved to watch
    we, husband and me, both did

    never been to New York
    an other one for my list!

    I drink spicy rooibos-tea
    and ginger-tea


  2. Oh, the CITY, I've never been there, since yet. And, dear Jasmin, 'Sex and the City'-Carrie reminds me too on Dorothy... in the trailer of the serial.
    It was on TV here in Germany at tuesdays years ago. I remember that they were 'friends' as real persons... strange... and the real friends have to wait til wednesday ;-)

    ox Ariane
    from the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

  3. never been there, but 'Sex and the City' did bring a funny and very lively NY to our living rooms, oh nostalgia... x

  4. yep indeedy jaz, there is a kooky resemblance...both in a fairy tale of sorts...

    great screen pics too! the colours are wonderfully "technicolor" – yours are lush and softly distorted, lovely xx

  5. You've echoed all my thoughts on this - love the show, hated the movies and NYC is my favourite city ever although I haven't been there since I backpacked as a uni student years ago.

  6. Patrice, Ariane and Renilde - you must go before you are 50!
    You must you must you must.
    I mean it.

    Just click your heels together.

    There's no place like New York!

    C.C have you been - YOU were made for that town sister.

    Emma - nice to see you - just how did they get those films sooooo wrong?


  7. i have been to NYC jazzy, but 11 years ago now...when jssy lived there...I LOVED IT!!!!!!! i think 'tis time to go again...xx

  8. Cathy your sister is so cool isn't she? It's always time to go to New York again - I soooooooooo want toooooooooooo


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