there are a lot of people doing the 'drawing challenge' this week.
nadine's choice of butterfly as a theme is a popular one.
for me, butterflies symbolize fragile beauty and change.
and perhaps too the crazy flight a teenage girl takes, from flower to flower, as she metamorphs into the woman she will become... i am sharing my space with a few of them at the moment!
i screenprinted Hormonal Girl here in this lovely little studio.
lucky to be invited to spend sunday here.
(studio and artwork created by jools)


  1. teenage girls and butterflies, yes i can see the resemblance, original work, the more i look at it the more i like it, especially against the brown background.
    that studio looks so summery x

  2. really, a beautiful studio! I wished, I could work there!
    your screenprint is great. I love the mixture of the black printed girl and the fine printed butterflies in the wings very much.

  3. To tell the truth,
    I often get a little bit angry about you and I am on edge, because it seems to me that I have to come to you, but you don't come to me and the others,
    dear Jasmin,
    and I don't want to come and comment at your jazzy two shoes - and then...
    I look at your Hormonal Girl Butterfly... and like it very much.... no, love it!


  4. Flighty hormonal girls...lucky you Jazzy! I love the way you embrace the challenges of life and turn them into something beautiful xx

  5. strong black lines
    against soft fluttering lines
    it suits the change from a teenager
    to the woman or man they will become
    so well!!
    hard against soft
    the anger and misunderstanding
    against the child inside
    it could be about my son of 14

    love x

    will you join the next challenge?
    I am the host

  6. hee you!

    I gave you an sunshine award!!
    see my weblog


  7. beautiful!
    i so wonder if i will ever stop being a butterfly?!

  8. Sorry I missed out on your butterfly challenge - I do not know why that was. I like your interpretation with the crazy flight a teenage girl takes. A studio in the garden is a wonderful place to do your work - my son and his wife do the same.

  9. Hello Madame Picasso!
    look at you, in your dreamy little studio ....so, so, Picasso of course!
    Yes, the hormonalmorphing...funny how when the mama is changing so is her daughter, the battle for alpha female begins! flitting in and out of childhood to indpendence. bittersweet. oh i know! i know! :)
    love to you from this snowy peak.
    xo M. Chagall

  10. dear you
    where are you?
    moving in the house already?
    busy with life in a good way?

    miss you....

  11. Hello, dear Jasmin,
    I invite you for this week's drawing challenge. The theme is 'CONNECTION'.
    Would be great if you're in.



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