This is a beautiful interiors book.
I love the eastern way of incorporating the 5 elements into their homes.
air, earth, wood, fire, water.
Utilizing space and light, living with nature, organic materials, things made in a kiln, baked from mud, carved from bamboo...


  1. that image with the daybed
    forth from above
    that is how I would love
    to have our living-room
    light and serene

    so, after the garden
    you are thinking about the interior?
    did you receive my e-mail
    about Piet Oudolf?

    have a fine sunday!

  2. Love it, too,
    dear Jazz. Its a harmony of energy.

    Do you know cooking after the theory of 5 elements? or cooking in circle? Means the same... ingredients of earth, metal, water, wood and fire: cooking oil, garlic, salt, tomatoes and chili with a touch of cream come full circle.
    Yummy and bracing.

    Miss you in Europe, honey!

    x Ariane.

  3. long time no hear, jazzy...
    here's a little something for you to partake in, if you like.
    come and have a peek and join!
    much fluttering love,

  4. dear patrice - i am thinking about it all! inside and out - can't wait can't wait can't wait - and there will be room for you to stay... x

    oh ariane - i have read in a japanese book about cooking with the 5 elements - i'll have to look at that some more. i am missing myself in europe! x

    woolfy nadine - you know i can't resist a butterfly - just the thing to get me out of my little cocoon x


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