On the subject of gardening.
I bought this lovely little book from amazon for 11 cents.
Derek Jarman's Garden is about a dying man creating an exquisite oasis around his home in the middle of dead land.
I love the dessert flowers and succulents and the rusted sculptural bits and pieces found in the sea and made from old gardening tools.
Have a look at this amazing garden.


  1. oh yes!
    that is a great book
    and a beautiful garden
    (and a sad yet wonderful story)
    if you like this I am sure
    that you will like the books
    of Piet Oudolf


  2. funny, i was thinking of gardens.. and you posted these...

    i just spent a couple of weeks in the blue mts and took pictures of a lovely bush garden... it was so inspiring...a garden with gums, kangaroo paws, banksias AND roses and lily's and raspberries in the garden beds...

    and those pretty pink petalled flowers in your photo, (do you know what are they called) were in the garden too...


  3. thanks so much for this recommentation! i`m off to amazon now
    ( started getting interested in gardening only last summer and the story of the book sound very touching... )

    happy weekend to you : )

  4. Hi dear Jasmin,
    what an amazing book! And what a great idea to create a garden in the middle of nowhere.

    I was so happy to read your comment in my blog so I decided to post a little comment here too :) I love your notebook from Orla Kiely, I was looking at that one too - it's always a bit difficult to decide which one to buy since they are all so lovely! I agree with you that it's so nice that it was a bit difficult to start writing in it. Once again, I was very happy to read your comment in my blog. Your blog is lovely!

    Lots of love from Sweden :)
    Lisa Marie

  5. yes, i have it too. one of my favorites.
    really a great book! have you seen the film "Blue"?

  6. Sweet Jazzy,

    How lovely to see you on the weekend (a real treat!)

    Textural wonderland this garden.

    Have a look at our latest blog

    Love xxxx

  7. Ritva - hello, how are you? I have seen little bits of 'Blue'.

    Lisa Marie - it is a pleasure to have you stop by. please do come again soon.

    demie - i hope you find the book too. i must visit you soon.

    cathy - who were you visiting in the mountains? i used to go there all the time, i haven't been for so long. i want to come up your way soon...

    patrice - do tell me more ...x

  8. gardens gardens gardens - hello butchart gardens!
    so good to see you too lovey.

  9. I do have a weak spot for gardens and garden books, this is a very beautiful and special one indeed, x


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