finding time

... to post this quickly.
I haven't been here for a while.
I have many and no excuses.

This giant clock was found dumped on the street.
It is huge and heavy and made out of metal.
A tower stopwatch for swimmers from a swimming pool perhaps.
Such a great find for a bower bird like me.
Dragged quickly back to the new nest..... X


  1. dear, dear friend
    I am so glad to find you here!!

    I know that feeling
    finding time....
    you do not have to make excuses
    just take your time
    and enjoy
    the new nest

    Patrice A.

    and how jealous I am
    of that sunshine

  2. what a find!! the strong shadows remind me its the end of summer...

    i imagine you've been so busy making your new nest, jazzy...

    lovely to see you back xxx

  3. Hey little bird,
    Would love to see the clock in-situ
    When will we find the time....
    A x

  4. Thank you Patrice - for your patience and sunshiney words - always xx - but believe me, we have not had much of the sun this summer - very disappointing - it feels like we were cheated.

    Cath - hi! - thanks - yes, I have been busy - I just love my new nest. I will be up in Bangalow in April......x

    Al - you'd love this clock - when can you visit? - fly over and we can chase the last of Summer x

  5. Hi Jas
    I too have been missing in action and a lot longer than you. To find that clock would have been a dream come true! I love it... a new house is always exciting look forward to catching up in blog world. :)


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