10 years later and it is just as hard to comprehend.
It is still crushing.
And the world is still deeply bruised.

Contributing today:
Ariane, Rachel, Renilde, Nadine, Elisabeth, Stephanie.


  1. hello jasmin, in very different time zones we seem to be on the same block again... just so.

    still crushing, still choking.
    you made us think, and hang on!
    it is very powerful, your little black and white scene.

  2. I like your way
    of expression
    of the falling man

    hard to believe
    hard to give it a place

  3. I guess this very impressive picture is burned into the memories of many of us, we all fell that day.
    Sober and very touching execution of your idea;

    This was quite a challenge Jasmin ,but it is the world we live in, the dark side of it; thanks xx

  4. I agree...our thoughts are still with the thousands hurt,killed and injured...bruised and effected by the tradgedy which happened.


  5. falling from the burning tower, such a poignant archetypal image seared into my brain.
    sooooo sad.
    blessings and love to all!
    (i hope to get something together for this challenge tomorrow)

  6. ... really heartbreaking...
    Thank you for being our host in this week, dear Jasmin. A heavy theme. still.

    Love, Ariane.

  7. Dear Jasmin, you made the perfect and sad illustration. This is exactly how sad it still is. Impossible to understand or cope with. And I'm afraid this will go on forever. People being destroyed by evilness. By different reasons. And we keep on running our own small lives, sharing as much love as we can find or produce. Trying to focus on the things we might do do make changes.

    I posted my contribution this morning. Sorry I'm late, but I hope you'll put me on the list.

    Love. Elisabeth

  8. Jasmin,
    I'm a little late posting, but am finally up.
    Your images brought back the feelings of horror, witnessing such an unbelievable sequence of events. Your memorial is quiet and somber, dark, and like the others mentioned, seared into our hearts and minds.


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