stained glass

For Nadine's theme this week I couldn't go past these amazingly beautiful images taken with the Hubble Telescope. Just look at what happens out there in deep space. Translucent like stained glass. Is this Heaven? All that beauty would be wasted if nobody saw it. Maybe we're not the only ones watching...

I am hosting this weekend as our thoughts and hearts turn once again to 9/11.
Please let me know if you will be joining us with this theme.


  1. beautiful indeed.
    and spring!
    wow, i so enjoyed the signs of spring last year when i was for the first time in australia....

    enjoy the moments.
    you are so pretty!

  2. Those images are exquisite ... I can't stop looking at them.

    Oh and I've moved blogs (formerly Sunflower Days)

  3. yes, it is beautiful
    thank you for sharing!

    today work has started
    full speed!
    I would love to have
    some more holiday

    and my weblog is still out of order
    I have no idea how long that will take
    so, no
    I am not in for this weeks theme

  4. Incredible beauty,and they have wallpapers on the Hubble site, great! Different but great interpretation Jasmin, i keep gazing..

    I'm in on the 9/11 theme though i wished it wasn't a non existing one, love, Renilde

  5. what absolutely amazing images... if a little scary, but then, that is because i'm not on the whole into deep space, and what a shame. thought provoking, and yes. inspiring.
    i have NO idea how to go about next week's theme, let me tell you, but i find it a very interesting one.
    i will be in. n♥

  6. dear jasmin, would love to dive into these pictures/this space...
    sorry to say that i am not in again...♥ julia

  7. Dear Jasmin,
    fantastic pictures! Like melting glass... those colours... delicious!

    9/11... I'm in.

    Love, Ariane.


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