to do. to collect. to complete. to plan. to clean. to chuck. to want.


  1. whats to chuck? merriam webster won't help me!


  2. jazzy...i love this little domestic collection...the white washed wood, the exquisite teal colour of the knitting wool, your art and doilies....& posted on my birthday...all "things" i love, delightful !! xx

  3. those gumtree-leaves!
    I still have some
    quite similar
    I picked 20 years ago
    they are in my final piece
    of the Art Academy
    also many years ago....



  4. I tend to hoard things out of sentimentality.. it's only when I move house I realise how bad it's gotten and become ruthless.

    Sounds like a busy time ahead for you!

  5. Emma - somehow, there are always piles around me to 'sort through' . I'm getting there though. Nearly :)

    Patrice - can you tell that these leaves are perspex? I use them to make prints. You need to come back and collect more ...

    Cathy! - HAPPY BIRTHDAY gorgeous girl - such a shame that we didn't cross paths. Next time..... when are you Sydney next? much love xx

    Sara - I had to look up 'Merriam Webster' to figure out what you meant!! I didn't know what that meant. Now I do:))))))
    Look up this Australian Slang website to find out what 'chuck' means.


    Too funny. I forget that we speak another english sometimes...

    Plus I watched you fleetfoxes clip. So lovely, on many levels, not the least that you sent it to me. Plus I love a man in a beard and a sweater - even if he is made out of clay. X


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