I didn't know that we had foxes in the city...
oh my.


  1. Oh no. That's so sad. Around here we have all kinds of animals being driven over by cars or trucks. I've seen rabbits, cats, foxes, hedgehogs... and I always feel like someone has done that on purpose. Or at least I did, until I almost hit a cat myself. I wish they could all just live peacefully in the forest instead of the city!

  2. last week
    the kids found
    a dead young fox
    at the parking of their school
    so close to our home
    I know there are
    foxes in the nearby woods

    fine week to you!

  3. fox in the city! i would have find that very scary

  4. poor thing.

    i live in the countryside, next to the woods, but still i don´t think it´s ok that animals become too tame. roe deer is a beautiful creature, but nowadays we have them in our gardens, eating planted bushes and flowers. they are not afraid of people and can cope with cars. i find it a bit strange.

  5. Oh my,it looks so sad..just near the road and it is a little one.

  6. oh no, sad for the fox. i heard in australia there is this movement of eating road kills...
    at least a group of few who does it when needed! ...

    maybe play some fleetfoxes ode to the fox?

  7. Sara - I haven't heard of this group, but can believe it. What is a fleetfox ode?

    Nice to see you here Ansku, Alynn, Ritva and Ingrid!!

    A fine week to you too Patrice. Although it is now nearly over. How did that happen?


  8. Sad yes.... but even death it is a beautiful creature. this world is a dangerous place for lots of animals, x

  9. Wish no one had to get killed, ever. That foxe's too would grow old, and leave in peace when the time is right. There's something wrong somewhere. I think.

  10. Poor thing :( Must have been lost and not able to find his way home?

  11. Hello Renilde, Lilli and Emma!
    Actually she was quite a mature fox. Grey mixed in with that glorious orange fur. Perhaps in her prime, leaving the safety of Centennial Park... Do you think that you could tame them?


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