in memorium

Australian female artist, Margaret Olley, died today, after living for 88 colourful years.
It seems like many prolific artists live long, ripe lives.
I think it is because they are always doing what they love.


  1. lovely pictures
    of a colorful lady
    that is a good way
    to get old
    flowers around
    doing the things you love

  2. To my shame i must admit, although some of her paintings look familiar to me , it's only today here at your blog and others' i came to hear and read more about Margaret Olley, and i'm intrigued, thanks, x

  3. Dear Jasmin,
    even I didn't know Margaret Olley since yet - so thanks for presenting. What a gift... her colorful paintings, the flowers... a role model.

    See you on stage this weekend with THEATRE at rodeo-Milady?

    x Ariane.

  4. a beautiful life in art...what a treasure!


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