What I could see from my bed this morning.


  1. hello jasmin!

    oh you know that nice mermaid thing about dugongs!!!
    and of course, I believe that too.

    I tried to leave comments on your blog a few times,
    just don't know whre the are now... probably somewhere in
    the universe...
    but I'll keep on trying!

    hope you are fine, love the creative view from your bed!!!
    are the books filled with sketches??

    xox, julia

  2. Oh, Jasmin, that's wonderfull ! I love sit in my bed and just look around. It looks like you have a beautiful home.

  3. ... Julia, the books are filled with drawings yes, but also grocery lists, bills to pay, and whatever else makes up a life.
    .... Hermine, i live in a yucky apartment block but it is nice once you get inside my door...

  4. I live in an apartment block too but feel very much at home once I walk in the door.

    Your home looks lovely, but in a very accessible, comfortable way ... it looks European to me.


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