one hundred

new year's resolutions
return to blogging regularly
and eat more fish.
so far so good with the seafood.
and 7 days into this year is not so bad seeing as I have been slacker than slack around here lately.

(thanks for the lovely comments on my last post - I have answered you all there x)

I bought this camera for $5 last week at a garage sale.
it's a beauty.
google assures me that it isn't worth very much despite its retro good looks.
however it also tells me that the date it was made is written on it.
and there it is!
100 years old today.
unbelievable, sweet and true
and this is a bug on my wall


  1. Pretty old camera... are you able use it?
    Beautiful bug, like from a land of fantasy for me.
    Happy New Year to you
    nice to see you again, very nice :)

    x Ariane

  2. hello you!!!!
    yes, it's a beauty
    like the bug


    Patrice A.

  3. Dear Jazz,
    I wanna please invite you to this week's dc... I am the host with SNAKE.

    x Ariane.

  4. That camera is a beauty! Even if it's worth is held only in it's looks.
    Nice to see you back! I, too, have been a slacker in ways. I am hoping to blog more soon. I find it's nice to share, to be connected, and to inspire and be inspired.
    You'll always remind me of Georgia and those lovely mermaid earrings...

    Love, Rachel

  5. hey again,
    happy new year,
    this camera is gorgeous indeed! and 100 years, a respectable age, right?!
    good to see you again.


  6. wow great camera find I wouldnt care about the value and I love that you found it near its 100 year birthday I love quirky connections like that.

    Lovely to see you back blogging Jaz hope to see more of you.

    Helen :)

  7. my dear friend,
    it is already march!
    i am the host for this week's challenge
    will you please, please join?

    Patrice A.

  8. hello jazz!
    how appropriate you should be mentioning 100 already in january, you are clairvoyant! it feels good to come back here, yes, i want you to blog regularly again, right?!
    our dc group has been dreaming up a real life meeting, or two... an intra galactic digital one will do too. i am going to send through the info till now, you are included, goes without saying! now i'm off dancing.

  9. woolfy tell me more!!

    I'm still hanging in here ...

    it's only been 4 months...

    hello hello

    welcome Kim

    Rachel I am coming your way ....



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