a few months ago I won this Mud Australia competition.
since then they asked me to contribute images for their new catalogue.
the brief was to make inspiration moodboards which represented all the colours in their product range.
colours with great names like - slate, wasabi, pistachio, milk, ocean.
what fun.

many photos from this blog feature in it.
so throughout the catalogue are pics of my time spent in new york and tokyo, there are snippets of my home, our dinners, our holidays at the beach and in the snow. some of my drawings too.
snatches of life and memories and bits of string and feathers and collected bits and bobs.
the stylist on the day was the divine emma knowles.
please look at this link to see the finished work.

and thank you for all your lovely comments xx


  1. ha!
    first I thought this post
    would be about the moodboards
    you made for your new home
    I remember you winning that
    and super they have asked you!!
    the finished work looks great
    I recognized your faced-teapot

    and how I would love, LOVE
    really LOVE to be in Avelon
    right now
    that view
    the beach
    meeting you!
    like I met Ritva, Ingrid, Nadine,
    Ariane, Julia and Barbara

    Patrice A.

  2. wow Jasmin, i just had a look at the finished work and it is great work, they are all surprising and fun but i especially like the one with the turqoise lightbulb and the birdies, congrats! x

  3. looks like a very fun project to do,
    nice outcome aswell! all those shades and snapshots.

  4. oh come on!
    almost 2 months of silence
    I miss you!

    Patrice A.

  5. how could i miss this dear mermaid!!
    what a job!!

    i miss you, hope you'll be back soon!
    xox julia

  6. oh, I didn't even know that I had comments here waiting for my attention.



    I miss you too



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