'hi-at-us' - a temporary pause or interruption in space, time or continuity.

how can it be that it has been exactly four months since I was here?
Autumn took over the Summer That Never Was and now we are past mid Winter ...

but I am here.
I have been making a nest.
meeting the trees.
planting new seeds
and blending a family.

and have come back to share these things.

thank you
to all who have coaxed me out of my hibernation with your warm words.
I have missed you.
you and you and you and you and you and you ...


  1. dear mermaid sister, what a joy to have you back!! so good that you took your time, but i missed you a lot! hope you had time for your wonderful art too!??? can't wait to read/see more, love julia

  2. you are here!!!!
    you are!!
    so happy to see you
    and tell us more

    love and a big
    welcoming hug

  3. Hello again, sweet Jasmin!
    I'm very glad to see you here on this level
    and am very noisy about your life and nest and art!

  4. and now I can see that you have your calming hand on a blaze of an animal, a huge tree animal... don't you?


  5. hi jazzy!
    so, to get back in the swing of things... ;)))

    .. i'm happy to invite you to next weekend's drawing challenge {28-29/07}. you may find the theme intriguing. love to count you in!... n♥
    drawing challenge

  6. nice to have you here again!!
    and your touch!

  7. oh
    so so lovely to have you all here again too.
    like magic.
    hopefully in time I will catch up with everybody's blogs and lives and also catch up with my own story.....
    ritva - I can't wait to dive into the cool whites at your place.
    woolfy - what is the theme?????? I'm in......
    ariane - hello to you! I thought that the tree looked like an elephant, no?
    patrice - patrice, patrice - more stories soon my dear friend.
    julia - mymuchmissedmersister x

  8. hello Jas

    we all have hiatus mine was a year yep thats right a year so dont you be sweating about a few small months now ;)
    Nice to have you back though hope life has been real nice for you.

    Helen :)

  9. Nice to see you back and looking forward to posts about your new home and life!
    xxx Barbara

  10. hellooooooo jaz... lovely to see you're back... life is wonderful, full and busy... i will pop in again, as i do... to see your beautiful images and words xxx

  11. oh wow, i am too so very happy to see you have posted again,
    i have been by here many many times, wondering what happened to this jazzy sister down under?

    tell us what you are up to, how you feel, how you do, when you feel like it. we are here!
    love and hugs

  12. such sweet sweet words to find her again.

    thank you!

    helen - it has been so long for you hasn't it? I hope that you are fighting fit again.
    barbara - so nice to see you here!
    cath - please pop back BUT what about in real life soon??
    sara - I need to pay a visit to wherever you are in the world at the moment.nThanks so much for wondering about me, one needs to be wondered about x


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