This is my new diary.

We all need a little Orla Kiely in our lives.
Please watch this link for some divine quirky elegance.
It will make you sigh and wish for that wallpaper, those dresses and a whole new life to go with them ;)
(I took these pics off youtube. Hope that's kosher x)


  1. distintive beauty, i love that blue-green coat.
    thanks x

  2. mmm....
    I like!
    I bought her book Pattern
    last year
    a wonderful book


    P.S. I have told Ritva about you
    that her blog is the one which
    made you want one of your own

  3. i like the pattern on your new diary...

    would you jpoin another drawing challenge. take a look at my blog for more the theme...

    now i `m going to visit Orla Kiely ; )

  4. "yesh, and lady, i love yours!"
    she said with unexpected pride in her voice
    Thank you! it felt like a present.

  5. dear renilde, patrice, demie and ritva - I am way behind in getting back to your comments - sorry and hello.

    i love the book 'Pattern' Patrice.
    Demie - sorry i couldn't find the time for the drawing.
    ritva - always a pleasure to have you here.
    renilde - i love that coat too and all the olive green dresses.


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