Drawing on paper is one thing.
But how did this girl do this in a cafe today??


  1. Hey Jazzy! That's one awesome talent huh? She still won't tell me how she does this but it's pretty amazing. This morning I was presented with the 'man in the moon' in my coffee! Like your blog, keep it up.

  2. oh, i want to go back and get the moon in my hot chocolate.

  3. wow, what great art in a mug : )
    Oh i discovered the 52 suburbs blog the other day..it is great..thank you so much for the hint : )

  4. dear jasmin,

    I wish I could help you about the translation thing!
    is there no google machine that can do it...?
    I think I should start to write in english too, for you!
    my paintings are big, most of them even to big to fit in my car. (family car, seven seats...)
    the sculptures are very different in their size, the fighting girls (boxerinnen) are over 80cm, made with clay.
    yes I exhibit, but I have no shop...
    right now I'm glad that you can't see me, my face is red, because I'm a bit ashamed about my terrible english...

    have a nice day! julia


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