I used some paint colour swatches from the hardware store.
I collect them every time I go in there.
I'm not painting a house.
But I hope one day that I do paint my own home.
And plant my own garden ......
(thanks to Stephanie for hosting the drawing challenge this week x)


  1. you are so clever! i too hoard paint chips, ponder endless color schemes but end up changing my mind. i love seeing the evolution of your work.

  2. Paint colour chips ... I used to collect them but never knew what to do with them.

    Where would we be without our homes? Your artwork reminds me a bot of Picasso's pen and ink sketches! Yes, they do!

  3. Wish I lived in that little yellow house with pink roof, and had a garden full of tulips.

    I agree with MMMC; they do. Have a resemblance to Picasso.

  4. home sweet home. what a beautiful interpretation. i dream of that garden too.

  5. oh thankyou! it is so fun this weekly drawing thing. i do like it.

    "Paint chips" ? Is that what they are called? I didn't know that.

    picasso...? really?? PICASSO?!!!!
    I am so flattered..... and have far to go.....he had a nice home.....
    I often feel i am living in the wrong era. Wouldn't it be nice to live in a world where different forms of art were still new?

  6. Dear Jasmin,
    in which era you want to live? And: did you ever cut in wood? Wouldn't it nice for you to cut in wood and make a print? well, it isn't a new form, but...
    I like your home/garden a lot, too. Very strong work. Red tulip like a heart...colour old rose with head of tulip :)
    In my childhood there was a garden at the house of my grandparents. Lots of tulips, roses, forget-me-not, variety of appletrees, cherry trees, plum, strawberries, carrots, potatoes, lettuce a.s.o. Yes, sound like heaven...
    Next theme is "sky scenery" hosted by lovely Lilli?


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